Trade shows are the platforms to reach several customers at a time, to promote business. Trade shows are the meeting places for the buyers, sellers, service providers and sub-contractors. One can develop contacts at Trade shows, get new customers, retain existing customers and meet with the service providers. In Trade shows we can have face to face meetings with potential clients.

We can get an opportunity to know the views of the buyers for our product or the service. At the same time, we can investigate the competition in the market for our product. In this way, Trade shows provide vital information on the prospectus and position of one’s business in the market.

Why companies should go for trade shows?

Trade shows are simple and cost-effective ways to get your brand to the market. Trade shows generally attract highly targeted clients at one location. Specifically to know about your product or service Trade shows provide great opportunity to launch a new product or recently developed product or a modified product Trade shows connect with the buyer and seller as well in real-time conversations, in this way you can add more value to your product and your company. This personal interaction with the potential buyer offers a hard hit which allows you to create a direct and more effective relationship with your to be customer. Such type of direct connection with the potential buyer opens up several channels for new sales leads. You can find many new customers, various types of new markets and may sometimes discover a need for a potential new product.

Small businesses and new products struggle hard to reach to the market and to get known by the people. Trade shows allows them to make their name and to reach thousands of new customers at once. This one-time meeting in a trade show can be a reason to have continuous promotional contact with the potential buyer and to maintain a client relationship so this can be one type of year-round promotion to your product. One of the major advantages of trade shows is that it gives you the opportunity to directly sell your product to the market omitting the levels of distributors, sellers, internet selling or phone selling.

Choosing the right trade show?

First of all, you should have to figure out your goal or achievement that is to be accomplished through a Trade show. One of the goals can be to increase the leads for the sales another one is to raise awareness about your company another one can be strengthening relationships with the clients and next can be launching a new product or a service. After establishing the goals to participate in a trade show one has to know the available options for the various trade shows. For this one can Google or can search the advertisements in the media, for the upcoming trade shows. Trade shows are classified as per the industry or as per the product or as per the manufacturer. One has to check for the venue that is the country, the date and the month and such other things. This way you have to collect the information regarding the upcoming trade shows.

After that, you can figure out how a particular trade show can contribute to the businesses. Aligning your objectives with the Trade shows you can figure out everything regarding the trade show, like statistics and demographics, list of previous year’s participants and their numbers. After getting information regarding the various Trade shows then one has to look into the event history to check whether it is a new trade show or whether it is an old Trade show. That means longevity, which is certainly a good indicator of success. After that you can check for the publicity of the trade show in various media, the reputation of the organizers, moreover, you can contact the past attendees so that you can have their exhibiting experience. Next you have to consider the timing of the trade show and you have to check for any conflicting events on the same date. Conflicting events and similar shows can double your expenses in terms of flights, hotel rates and transportation moreover you have to find out whether the timing aligns with your customers buying patterns, whether it is too late or early in a yea. Will your company have any product to launch or debut? Other than this you have to figure out the total cost of the Trade show. Total expenses that are going to incur for the trade show, then you have to check the availability of the space in the trade show, the booth location, the boot space, book layout and like this. Evaluating Trade shows on such ground provides innumerable opportunities for achieving the desired objectives.


When is the ideal time?

The ideal time for a trade show depends upon a number of factors such as the type of product, market need and supply, competition present and social circumstances. Introducing a product at the right time is nothing but conquering half the battle. Current political scenarios, festivals, local holidays and simultaneous events are some of the core considerations while deciding the ideal time for a Trade show. Time management is an important part when it comes to becoming successful. It takes months-long initial planning and preparations, plans for the unwanted crisis and accidents such as delayed flights and an ill stricken employee as it could cause you to miss the deadlines. Hence time is money and you don’t want to waste even one minute also.


What Types of Stands (Based on Budget/Product/Brand, etc.)?

Now a day exhibition booth plays a very important role in exhibition participation. Their main role is to promote the product or service. They can be like the business cards of a company. So to promote the brand efficiency exhibitors must have an appropriate stand for their promotion. There are various types of exhibition stands available in the market. The choice of an exhibition stand depends upon requirement, the availability, the budget and number of such factors of the exhibitor. Primarily there are three types of stand available as:

           1. Modular Exhibition Stands

           2. Pop up Exhibition Stands

           3. Custom Exhibition Stands.

  1. Modular Exhibition Stands are popular in exhibitors because it provides various types of different features. They can be customized as per our requirement, which enables the exhibitor to fit them as per the need of the clients easily. Modular exhibition stands can be reused and they are eco-friendly. Lightweight materials are used for their construction and they save on labor and shipping cost as they can be compacted into small spaces and exhibitors can build them by himself. The companies having a low budget can easily use such types of stands to get maximum ROI.
  2. Pop up Visually appealing Exhibition Stands are versatile and portable. Their setup is easy hence they can be installed and dismantled in a very little time. These stands can be used in various events and helpful for such companies who have a lower budget as they are comparatively cheaper than the others, offering limited features.
  3. Custom Exhibition Stands, one can go for custom exhibition stands to get the attention of delegation and attendance, because of the compelling custom designs of the stands. They increase sales opportunities for your brand, as they are generally large with a huge logo, which makes them physically more impressive. Such type of custom exhibition stands can be used by large companies having a higher budget to make a huge impact and to reinforce their brand’s power by generating qualified leads. These stands are not a good choice for small businesses as their cost is too high moreover they can’t be reused. But they can make a positive and long term effect at an exhibition.


How to do it?

There are many custom stand builders are available who gives solutions for all the queries regarding exhibition stands. Reaching to the potential customers through the exhibition stands, to get most of the exhibiting opportunities, there are two important points to remember. Number one is to get in touch with the organizers. On the day of the event introduce yourself to the organizers and prepare a list of questions to ask them. So that they can help you as and when needed during the exhibition and for setting up your booth in the trade show. Another point is the organized sitting in and around your booth so that the visitor can take a rest during the presentations and meetings when required. Provide briefing to your staff regarding what is exactly expected from them in the sense, how to treat the visitors. This may include the dressing, speaking and behaving instructions while you are on the booth. And a good sales strategy will ensure you are booth is set up for success. Another important aspect of a Trade show is to collect the data of the attendees. Some may use scanning gadgets or an iPad with a signup form or a Polaroid headshot and like such other devices which is important for the company. Encourage social sharing and funky exhibition stand that people will wish to have a selfie with or plan a surprise visit of a celebrity guest. In this way, you can amplify your trade show booth. Contacting the visitor’s post-event is an important aspect of a successful trade show booth exhibition. Make sure that you take to follow up with your sales prospects post-event. You have to remain in the mind of your potential clients and have to stay connected with them for better and successful business.


Exhibitions and Trade shows are considered an extremely useful source of purchasing information. Inspiring exhibition stands made by custom stand designers gives real advantage and an edge in face to face marketing. This article is a how-to-do guide and throws light on the importance of Trade show marketing in today’s arena.