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Whimsical Exhibits BV – A dedicated team of enthusiastic and skilled exhibition stand builders in europe,  globally renowned for capturing attention and elevating your brand presence through exceptional exhibition stand architecture.

Whimsical Exhibits BV provides custom build exhibition stand services across Europe.

Are you gearing up for a major trade show or exhibition and seeking the perfect partner to make your brand stand out? Look no further – we are your specialists in exhibition stand design and fabrication, dedicated to turning your vision into a show-stopping reality.

Whimsical Exhibits BV takes pride in being more than just exhibition stand designers – we are your creative collaborators, working hand-in-hand with you to craft an exhibition presence that leaves a lasting impact. Here’s how we stand out:

Unique & Custom-built Exhibition Stands Designs in Europe

For the World’s Biggest Trade Shows and Conferences

Custom Build Stands

Tailored masterpieces reflecting your brand identity, leaving a lasting impression.

Custom Stand

  • Simply share your marketing artwork and we will integrate them into the design.
  • Generate maximum impact in terms of footfalls and inquiries with creative designs.

Country Pavilion Stands

Amazing cost-effective stands built in country pavilion to showcase products and services.

Country Pavilion

  • Total exhibition and participation experience to highlight your specific USP.
  • Large scale exhibition needs are met easily with our experience on Country Pavilion stands.

Double Deck Stands

Elevate your presence with two-tiered sophistication, creating a memorable exhibition experience.

Two Storey Booth

  • Provides an appealing aura to your brand presence with the two storey booths.
  • Give you a totally unique and fresh look with a competitive edge.

Outdoor Stands

Embrace the outdoors with stands designed for open-air events, ensuring visibility in any environment.

Outdoor Stands

  • We provide marquees, standing banners, ropes, posts and fencing.
  • We offer custom made outdoor brands that amplify your branding efforts.
shell scheme exhibition stand icon

Shell Scheme Stands

Simple yet effective, ideal for a polished professional display.

Shell Scheme

  • We provide modular framework for exhibitors to customize within designated spaces.
  • We offer pre-built structures featuring wall panels, offering a foundation for personalized booth designs.
moduler exhibition stand icon

Modular Stands

Versatile designs adaptable to diverse spaces, maximizing visual impact.

Modular Stands

  • Versatile modular stands adapt to different booth sizes, saving on construction expenses.
  • Customizable components offer flexible setups, optimizing display impact and cost efficiency.

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Explore Recent Exhibition Booth Designs in Europe

We have experience serving the district business and marketing needs for companies across size, scale, or industries. This positions us the leading exhibition stand builders for brands in Europe.

PARALOS Exhibition Stand at ITB Berlin 2024
Destination One Exhibition Stand at ITB Berlin 2024
TRIPTEASE Exhibition Stand at ITB Berlin 2024

Our Process Flow

Our process follows international standards in building and deploying exhibition stands. Get incredible ROI with our proven booth construction processes.

Why Choose us as Your Exhibition Stand Contractor in Europe?

At Whimsical Exhibits BV, we’re not just another company; we’re dream weavers, transforming your exhibition aspirations into breathtaking realities. Our journey started with Netherlands and today we have left our mark across the globe with our creative and innovative work.

🎨 Crafting Experiences, Not Just Designs

Creative Brilliance: Our exhibition stand designers are maestros in their craft, infusing each design with a blend of creativity and strategic brilliance. We don’t just create stands; we curate experiences that captivate your audience’s imagination.

Innovative Approach: Innovation is at our core. We don’t settle for the ordinary; we challenge boundaries to redefine the extraordinary. Our modern exhibition stand designs breathe life into your brand, setting you apart from the crowd.

💡 Turning Visions into Tangible Success

Results-Oriented Designs: Your success is our North Star. Our exhibition stand design and build services are meticulously tailored to not only showcase your brand but also drive measurable results. For those who aspire to succeed; we’re the architects of success for them.

Strategic Construction: From London to Birmingham and beyond, our exhibition stand builders craft structures that stand tall and command attention. We’re not just builders near you; we’re partners in your triumph.

🌍 Global Footprint, Local Excellence

Europe’s Finest: As leading exhibition stand contractors in the Europe, our reputation precedes us. As a renowned booth design company, we pioneer in elevating your exhibition presence.

International Reach: Beyond borders, our expertise extends to Berlin and beyond. Whimsical Exhibits BV isn’t just about local; we’re globally recognized exhibition stand manufacturers, bringing visions to life worldwide.

🏆 Where Quality Meets Ingenuity

Unrivaled Craftsmanship: Quality isn’t just a promise; it’s our commitment. Our exhibition stand builders in Birmingham craft masterpieces that speak volumes about your brand’s excellence.

Small Yet Mighty: Size doesn’t limit creativity. Our small exhibition stand designs pack a powerful punch, proving that greatness comes in all dimensions.

🌟 Unlock the Magic of Your Exhibition Journey with Us

Whether you seek the best exhibition stand design or a partner in conquering trade shows, Whimsical Exhibits BV is your gateway to a whimsical world of innovation, creativity, and unparalleled success.

Let’s weave wonders together and create a symphony that resonates with your audience, leaving an everlasting impact. Elevate your exhibition experience with Whimsical Exhibits BV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibition stand costs vary based on size and customization. Our exhibition stands offer flexible pricing, ensuring a solution that aligns with your budget. For a detailed quote tailored to your needs, reach out to our team.

Exhibition stands go by various names, including custom displays, modular booths, and bespoke setups tailored to uniquely represent and showcase your brand.

To attract visitors, focus on eye-catching visuals, interactive elements, and compelling content within your exhibition stand design. Our stands integrate unique designs and interactive elements to captivate and create an immersive experience that draws and engages visitors.

Ensure a smooth stand setup by planning well in advance, coordinating with event organizers, and relying on professional assistance. Trust our experienced team for a stress-free stand setup. We handle all logistical details, allowing you to focus on achieving your exhibition objectives.

Shell scheme stands provide a pre-built structure for exhibitors. Enhance yours with branding, graphics, and engaging elements to stand out. Our shell scheme exhibition stands provide an elegant backdrop that elevates your brand with a professional and polished showcase.

Modular stands offer flexibility in design and layout. Adapt your stand to different spaces and reconfigure components for a fresh look at each event. Customizable layouts ensure a stand that suits your unique exhibition needs. Adaptable and versatile, our modular stands maximize visual impact in diverse spaces.

Consider your brand identity, goals, and target audience when choosing a stand. Opt for a design that reflects your unique offering and captivates your audience. Our expert guidance ensures your stand selection aligns with your brand identity and exhibition goals. We prioritize a personalized approach to meet your specific requirements.

Yes, we provide extensive customization options, allowing you to tailor your exhibition stand to perfectly match your brand’s unique identity and messaging.

The difference between these positions for an exhibition stand refers to their location and surroundings:

Row Position: Stands placed side by side in a row, usually with two open sides. Good visibility but limited access.

Corner Position: Stands at the end of a row, with one open side facing the aisle. Better visibility and access from two sides.

Head Position: Stands at the row’s end with three open sides—great visibility and maximum access.

Island Position: Stands surrounded by aisles on all sides, offering 360-degree access. They’re spacious and highly visible.

The 3m x 2m size is great for smaller exhibitions, letting exhibitors showcase their stuff effectively in limited spaces. On the other hand, the 3m x 3m size is more versatile and popular. It gives you more room to interact with visitors and get creative with your displays. This size is really common in exhibition halls, so all the designs you see below are made to shine in these spaces.

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Our clients are the life-source of our business and we strive to operate a highly effective and efficient organization, focused on meeting client objectives.

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