Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibition stand builders like ourselves are professionals in constructing stands that create an impact with an elevated presence of your brand. Our team of experts design and construct stands that reflect your brand identity, attract visitors, drive engagement and help your brand stand out among fellow exhibitors.
Consider your brand identity, marketing goals and target audience when choosing a stand. Opt for a design that reflects your unique offering and captivates your audience. Book a free consultation with our team to understand the best fit for your brand and your exhibition goals.
The cost of an exhibition stand depends on the stand size, the type of materials used, type of the stand and other specific requirements of the client. Our team works out detailed quotes for clients and offers exhibition stand solutions with flexible pricing for every budget. Click here to get a detailed quote for your stand requirement today.
We offer budget-friendly modular stands, premium custom-made stands, sophisticated two-storey stands, large-scale pavilion stands and custom-made stands for outdoor events. To know more about our exhibition stand services, click here.
Modular exhibition stands are ready-to-build stands with customizable components. You can reconfigure the components of modular stands to adapt to different booth sizes for a fresh look for each event. Modular stands are a cost effective and quick solution for brands with multiple exhibitions over a short period of time.
Custom or tailor-made exhibition stands are unique stand designs built for brands looking to create an enhanced brand experience that captivates the audience and helps the brand stand out at the event space. Every detail of this stand is tailor-made to align with a brand’s identity and as per specific marketing requirements of the brand. To submit your brief for a custom-made stand, click here.
Our team focuses on including eye-catching visuals, interactive elements, and compelling content within your exhibition stand design to create an immersive experience that attracts and engages visitors.

Yes, we offer shipping and installation assistance for exhibitions in Europe. Our team takes care of all your exhibition stand needs right from conceptualization of the exhibition stand to its dismantling and storage across Europe.

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