Launching a new product is the most common motive of exhibitors to attend Trade shows. Showcasing new products at trade shows is always a beneficial deal you get invaluable direct insight from crowed targeted consumer demographics about what they think about your product, you can have two way communications with proposed users and can understand their expectations.

While an unveiling product at trade show booth is an impressive prospect to yield results, the procedure still needs carefully formulated strategies and its implementation to ensure that you don’t leave your design on the floor for your competitors to take undue advantage.

Adhere below tips before unveiling your product at Trade Show-

Choosing the Right Event –

Each Trade Shows has its unique visitors. It depends on industry to Industry, the occasion of the Trade Show, location of the Trade show, Its organizers, Its Size, and even Type of the Trade show. Selecting any one Exhibition to launch New Product is a crucial decision. The Tradeshow must be in synchronization with your new Product. The Attendees must be willing to know about new launches. Companies must do prior research about the Trade show characteristics and Prospective Visitors and their profiles which should be synchronized with the Company’s new Product. A simple mismatch here can cost heavily not only in monetary terms but less or no response by attendees may loose moral of the employees and their enthusiasm.

Impressive Booth Design –

A new product must launch with a unique style that will attract more attendees. A unique style of the booth, attractive booth design, and highlighted product features grab the attention of passers. Demonstrations, contests, and other activities help to communicate with future buyers. The more time spent by attendees the staff get more time to discuss the product and its features. So the thumb rule to success is not only to attract the customer but be interactive with them.

Pre-Show Advertising –

Any exhibit does not happen in a day. It starts weeks/ Months before the actual event. You get this time to decide and plan for the launch. Start early. Use Social media, emails, press releases, blogs, webpages to spread News about the event and your product launch. Creating excitement should be the motive. Make it a secret launch or publicize as a surprise in the market. Creative posts will create curiosity and will attract crowed in the Trade Show.

Product Promotion at Trade Show

After arranging the set up of trade booths its time to promote the show and new product. Graphic designs, videos, giveaways, contests, and exciting prizes make booth interesting. Make announcements regarding contests, winners, and prizes so that crowed will know about is. Put banners wherever possible regarding the launching of new products, show demonstrations, etc. A continuously active trade show and its staff arranging different activities will catch the eyes of attendees.

Follow up after show –

Persistent follow-up and updation to the promotional activities is a key to turn attendees into buyers. Once we get through the skills to generate a maximum number of leads at trade shows, its time to convert them as buyers. Determined and systematic follow up will only bring the actual results of all efforts taken for the Trade show.

Showcasing New Product in a trade show is not a day job. It requires organized research and efforts. The success of Launch is not only depended on the product and its features but it also depends on the time, place and how you bring n front of crowed. The more you study the industry and its trends more are the more chances to succeed in Trade Shows.