To achieve success in the Trade show needs a systematic approach. It requires vision, resourcefulness, and organization. Most businesses determine trade show success with the number of leads, opportunities and return on investment (ROI) that come out of an event. Companies invest a huge amount in Trade shows. The real success of trade shows is a combined result of efforts, creativity, investment and research done before trade shows during trade shows and even after the trade show.

Here are 5 Strategies towards a successful Trade show Event.

1. Plan in advance –

Perfect planning is a must to carry on the trade show successfully. Be visionary and anticipate the hustles find solutions and work on them. Time Invested in before the show always will give returns during the show.
Promote and advertise for the trade show. Go on with Social media, newspapers, TV Channels, emails, etc. A Short Interview will also create curiosity. Spread the news about exciting products, contests, giveaways.
Also be well prepared for selecting staff, hotel rooms, flight tickets, logistics, etc.

2. Preparing Team and salesforce –

Learning, practicing and troubleshooting is the basic things staff should have a complete hold on. Staff should be well trained. They must know every bit of the product as attendees can ask anything to the staff and at that moment the staff should be confident to answer correctly. Practicing and explaining product features, its uses are the most important thing in a Trade Show. The speech must be short, simple and easy to understand. Graphics and video will make things easy for the staff. Staff should be trained enough to fix small issues if occurred then staff should be able to fix it.

3. Visualization –
Create maximum Visualisation. Memory works better when we see through eyes than what we listen to or read. Make the benefit of these scientific facts and display products on screen. Use a story which will be excited and add a product line to explain its features. The demonstration is another key to emboss the brand and product and its features. But the demonstration should not be lengthy. Keep it simple and short. You may give a trail to proposed buyers so they can try their hands on the product before deciding about it.

4. Keeping Booth Active –

An active, cheerful and happening booth always attracts attendee’s attention. Different announcements like for contests, winners, prizes, and exciting giveaways create curiosity and crowed always tend to become eager to visit such booths. If activities are pre-planned then it works better. The use of music and LED lights add to the happening environment.

5. Post Show Follow up

Constant and systematic follow up after the trade show is very important to turn attendees into buyers. Follow up works like a reminder to attendees about the pleasant experience they had at the booth. This generates a friendly relationship between the sales staff and the proposed buyer. Regular and systematic follow up will only bring the actual results of all efforts taken for the Trade show.

To make a trade show a success, the effort starts weeks before the actual event day and continues even after the event. Pre-show planning plays a vital role. Strategic planning for the trade show should cover all the aspects like the event, its place, proposed attendees, space, booth design, activities to be carried out at the booth, etc. The staff running the booth are the first face of the company brand. Well trained and enthusiastic staff hold the capability to generate leads. Booth design, its visualizations help booth to stand out from competitors.