Setting up an Exhibition Stand is one of the most important marketing strategies. A successful Exhibition stand design creates a positive impression on attendees’ minds and helps to turn them in the company’s future buyers. There are four major types of Trade shows available- 1] Linear Exhibit 2] Island Exhibit [3] Peninsula 4] Double Deck Exhibits. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. You have to think of the main objective behind the exhibit and select accordingly. Designing the Trade Show may have different types but all of them are always Customer-centric designs.

Below are four common types of Exhibits used to attract the audience-

1] Linear Exhibits / Inline Booths

Linear Exhibits are built in a row. A space between two lines is kept to enter customers inside. Many times on the other side of the wall you will find neighbors and you may have some restrictions. Linear Exhibits are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. They are either 10×10, 10×20 or 10×30. It is easy for staff to maintain and one of the Budgeted options. Passers can easily view the contents of the booth.

2] Island Exhibit

As the name suggests Island Exhibits are a specious option. It requires a size of more than 20 ×20 feet. It is used by well-known companies and/or well-established brands. In Island Exhibits, you don’t share your wall with neighbors. It is an isolated stand where you can independently get space from all sides to park material and attract attention.

3] Peninsula Exhibit

Peninsula exhibit usually comes at the end of the Linear exhibits. It always has three sides open in aisles. Peninsula Exhibits comes in large size, more than 20×20. It has many advantages as Island Exhibits has but as It comes at the end of the Linear Exhibits It may have some height restrictions too. Peninsula Exhibits are beneficial in generating traffic with its three open sides. Many Large and Midsize companies prefer peninsula exhibits. As Peninsula Exhibits comes at the end of the inline Exhibits, It is likely to get more attention from Passers.

4] Double Deck Exhibits

Double Deck Exhibits are comparatively a new concept. Though it is new in Trade Show marketplaces it is gaining popularity at great speed. It consists of a mezzanine floor which can be a great advantage to park extra material to your booth. The extra floor benefits to have meetings or to park some extra materials or even provide space for demos or video shows give an advantage to the entire concept of Exhibition stand design. Its two floors attract attendees and build curiosity.

Each of these types has its advantages and disadvantages. Custom Booth Contractors in Europe are recommending these types based on their experience. Companies can select one as per their products, company structure, and budget. Double-decker Exhibit is an emerging concept and is becoming the first choice of companies. The audience gets excited when they climb up on the stairs for the surprised ambiance that is waiting for them. Similarly, the peninsula and Island Exhibit amaze attendees with its unique structure.