SMM Hamburg 2024

Design Your Exhibition Booth in Hamburg, Germany

Date: 03 Sep, 2024 – 06 Sep, 2024

Venue: Hamburg, Germany

Set Sail with Expert Booth Builders in Germany at SMM Hamburg 2024

Welcome aboard, navigators of the maritime industry!

As we chart our travel towards the most awaited occasion of the year, SMM Hamburg 2024 calls as the lighthouse of development, networking, and progress.

This isn’t just a trade fair; it’s the nexus of the oceanic world, where around 40,000 members from more than 120 nations merge to shape the long run of our seas.

SMM, the world’s leading trade fair and conference event for the maritime industry, is scheduled for 03 to 06 September, 2024.

Exhibition Stand for CWIEME Berlin

Whimsical Exhibits BV is delighted to be your loyal companion on this journey, ensuring that your brand not only participates but thrives in the wonderful ideas and opportunities.

This program provides an important platform for innovation, networking and the exchange of ideas in the maritime sector.

As an experienced exhibition stand design company in Hamburg, Germany, Whimsical Exhibits BV offers unparalleled expertise in creating bespoke exhibition stands that capture the Your brand essence and innovative spirit define SMM Hamburg 2024.

Why is SMM Hamburg 2024 Your Horizon?

In this event more than 2,000 companies showcase their cutting-edge technologies and services, which enables you to put your brand on the latest advancements that drive maritime transformation.

So are you ready to network? SMM Hamburg is a vibrant community that shares, learns and collaborates together. With unique events like Wine O’Clock, booth parties and  Maritime Startup Night, the opportunities for meaningful connection are endless.

Be among is one of the world’s leading maritime and decision-making companies. This is your opportunity to showcase your brand on a global scale, creating lasting impressions that transcend borders.

With high-level lectures taking place on four live stages  in the hall – and for the first time, admission is free – enrich your professional knowledge and always Lead with invaluable insights and discussions.

How Whimsical Exhibits BV Can Elevate Your Automechanika Experience

Hey there! Ready to elevate your exhibition game?

At Whimsical Exhibits BV, we’re not just any exhibition stand contractor; we’re your creative partner in the journey to showcase excellence.

Let’s dive into how our services can transform your next event experience.

3D Stand Designs: You can picture this: your stand, vibrant and alive, before a single piece is built. Our 3D design service lets you peek into the future, tweaking every detail until it’s just right.

Installation and Dismantle: Say goodbye to setup stress. Our team’s got the build-up and break-down covered, freeing you up to mingle, network, and dazzle at the event.

Exhibition Graphic Design: With graphics that pop and messages that resonate, we ensure your brand doesn’t just show up – it stands out. It’s all about creating that magnetic pull.

Bespoke Manufacturing: Cookie-cutter stands? Not here. We craft spaces that mirror your unique brand essence, because your stand is more than just a structure; it’s a statement.

Project Management: Consider us your exhibition guardian angels. Our comprehensive project management oversees every detail, ensuring a smooth and successful exhibition experience from start to finish.

At Whimsical Exhibits BV, we’re not just building stands; we’re crafting stories, fostering connections, and propelling brands into the spotlight.

Join us in the beautiful maritime metropolis of Hamburg and let your brand’s journey unfold in the most spectacular way.

Let’s set sail together towards success at SMM 2024. Get a Quote Now!

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