Exhibiting your brand in front of hundreds of people is an opportunity but at the same time a challenge as well. Several factors need to be checked and confirmed before your exhibition stand is built.

If those aspects aren’t ensured, the latter part can be a mess. Hence, proper communication regarding the work of the exhibition the builder is important. Conveying the design and gaining the right result might go wrong if the right questions aren’t asked.

Are you planning an exhibition stand for a trade show?

That’s an effective way to gain attention for your brand. But Are your queries towards the exhibition builder productive?

Below are the 7 important questions that you need to ask the exhibition stand builder before setting up your booth. 

1. What are your past experiences?

Choosing the right company for building your exhibition stand will benefit you immensely. You cannot let anybody just set it up for you. Proper analysis of the past work of the stand builder is crucial.

Therefore, asking them to share a gist of their former approaches can give you a better idea about their working process and the quality. This question will also ensure if the builder can come up to your expectations or not. 

Keep this as the foremost question be asked.

2. How is the exhibition stand going to look like?

You might have successfully and effectively planned the exact design for the exhibition booth. The real challenge is in communicating the idea to a second person. If you want the builder to arrange it accurately, you have to ensure that the idea has reached him with precision.

Keep asking them regarding how they are planning to prepare the design. Ask them if you can see the design before being completely built. This will help in confirming that the design is in the exact form that you are expecting. 

3. How much space can I use within the stand?

Don’t let the designer be happy with just building the booth by making it attractive. Let them know how much perfection you want in with regards to both the external and internal part of the stand. 

Inquire about the space that can be consumed within the booth. 

Will it have enough room to place all the features and convenience that you have planned?

Therefore, confirming this aspect and discussing what all factors you want to be inside the stand can add to the quality of your exhibition.

4. How can you ensure the safety and security of the stand?

It’s not possible to stay with your stand overnight after each day of the exhibition. Let the stand builder be reminded of this aspect.

Ensure from him that your exhibition stand will be safe and secure throughout the night as the organizers may not be looking after the exhibition stands. 

Make a proper inquiry regarding the expenses that the builder will ensure for the security of the stand.

5. Who is the person I will be dealing with?

There are different positions in a company that provides you with the exhibition stand. You need to talk to the right person at the beginning and make sure that he is the guy who deals with the process until it ends.

Otherwise, you can inquire about who all are the members you will be discussing the exhibition stand.

6. How can I save on the exhibition stand? 

To save money while building up your exhibition stand, you may have to compromise on certain parts of the construction. There are so many aspects that a brand owner wants to see in his stand and not necessarily everything can be applied due to budget restraints. 

Have a conversation with the exhibition builder on what can be added and what to deduct. This will help you build the exhibition according to your vision and the budget.

7. Will it be made on time?

A brand has so many elements that need to be covered while preparing an exhibition stand. While explaining these elements to the builder it needs to be asked more than once that if they will be able to provide it at the right time.

If the design is complex the building might take a longer period. This will give you an idea of scheduling each aspect correctly.